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Heirloom Prayer Box

While doodling on the metal lathe one day, I actually was trying to create one of those little holders you stuff with cotton and soak with your favorite graver lube when I came up with the idea of a "Prayer Box".
What is a Prayer Box?
The idea is to write down a prayer and put it in the box. You place the box in an area where you are likely to view it often.

When you see it,  you are reminded of the prayer you put in it.

These are nice and will make for a cherished heirloom that can get passed down from generation to generation.
I designed these to be either left plain, initialed or highly decorated with engraving and even gemstones.

These are a wonderful and thoughtful gift idea.

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These are made in the U.S.A. using American made 416 Grade Stainless Steel

Shipping is $8.00 to U.S. only

Sold Out
Check back or call 740-543-8448

Outside U.S.A., contact me




Custom Shot Glass

These were designed for custom engraving, inlay, sculpting and even stone setting.

Highest quality 100% Made in the U.S.A.

416 Grade Stainless Steel   Holds 1 Fl.Oz.

The outside fillets are .02" radius and the sidewalls are 1/8" thick.
The inside bottom fillet is .10" radius, to facilitate cleaning.
Also, the bottom has a slight concave radius to prevent wobble.

Shipping is $8.00 to U.S. only
Outside U.S.A., contact me



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