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     For the first time, Master Engraver Brian Powley is offering private one on one lessons on ZOOM!


 Engravers of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

     This is a rare opportunity to work one on one with Brian as your teacher. Brian's feedback and guidance will be priceless no matter what your goals may be. As you might expect, Brian offers a top level experience as both a F.E.G.A. Certified Master Engraver and a Colt Master Engraver.


     You can work on anything you want. Have Brian assess your engraving and come up with a plan on how to improve, or tell him what you want to work on. It's an amazing opportunity to get invaluable insight into improving your engraving skills.


     It is important to understand that Brian will be most helpful acting as a consultant. His observations and guidance can complement any lessons you have taken----and improve the hard work you're putting in by practicing.


     You can of course do multiple lessons with Brian but his availability will vary. Your time is best spent by taking Brian's input and working on areas he points out.

Lessons will be billed in 60 minute increments. Ideally, sessions will be a minimum of one hour.


     Brian approaches every students need as an individual analysis. The goal is to both accommodate the students wishes for things wanting to be learned but also to share honest thoughts on what Brian feels the student needs to work on. All of this can be discussed and a plan can be made.




You will get a lot out of just one lesson but you can schedule subsequent lessons if desired.


Areas that Brian can focus on:


* Scroll Design and layout

* Sharpening and sharpening mistakes

* Inlay Procedure

* Metal Preparation

* Perfecting the scroll

* Borders

* Stippling

* Background treatments

* Pattern transfer

* Equipment---needs vs. wants

* Marketing your skill level




Cost: Each 60 minute increment will be $80.00 USD

Prior to your lesson, your payment can be sent through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account,  Brian also takes credit cards and Venmo.


To get started, email Brian and include the information listed below. Brian will review your request and work with you to schedule your lesson. Prior to your lesson he will send an email with:
A payment Link

A lesson link that will open your ZOOM session.

Your lesson will not be finalized until your payment clears. No exceptions.

Sign up now.

Write to Brian at brian.powley57@gmail.com


And make sure to include the following information:

 1. First and last name

 2. City and country

 3. Your email address

 4. Your skill level, are you beginner, intermediate, advanced, full-time professional

 5. Tell me what you would like to work on

 6. The best dates and times for your lesson


After you pay, please write to brian.powley57@gmail.com again to confirm you paid and begin the scheduling process.

Thank you! Someone will get back to you quickly.

Let's get you on the road to Master Engraver.